The Latin American Art Museum (Museo de las Americas) in Denver invited me to travel to San Pablito Pahuatlán in the state of Puebla (Mexico), to create a project titled TESTIGOS (WITNESSES), that could be completed thanks to my friendship with Don Genaro, a member of the community of this small town dedicated to the craftsmanship of Amate paper.
In San Pablito I found a truly authentic town, I was there to photograph its people and their ways. This journey was a beautiful experience as I was received with open arms. I had the opportunity to witness the daily aspects of life of this place, for me, a symbol of all small indigenous towns in Mexico and the world.
The pictures of this project have been taken, the production is the next step. The goal is to exhibit this show in museums interested to introduce the public to this hardworking people; protectors of Amate paper, the Otomí language and their culture.
While working on this project I became aware of some the needs of San Pablito, on a personal level, as well as collectively.
That is why we will donate all the profits from all the “auctions” (minus the starting price) as well as 10% from each piece sold in the “gallery” to craftspeople and artists in this town in the following manner:

We shall buy the Amate paper directly to those who produce it and distribute it to the artists in need of it, for their artistic creations.
All the process of the donations will be fully detailed right on this website for the purpose of transparency so you may know exactly how your donation did reach its destination. We shall answer all questions you may have (contact).
PS: WITNESSES has been scheduled to have its opening at the Latin American Art Museum in February of 2020 and has been invited to the Museum of Folk Art (MAP) in Mexico City.