On observing the many faces offered by Gaal Cohen's work, it is not difficult to consider this artist a researcher of the diverse forms and the varied paths he takes in the unfolding of human adventure. There are lights and shadows that, when coupled in his work, convey the vision of a man profoundly committed to a life project that is inseparable from his creative activity.

While photography is by and large his favorite tool, it is not, by itself, the key to his quest. Gaal's gaze pauses in painstaking detail and through a refined craft on the creatures and things he captures with the camera, but he does not seem to be satisfied with this; instead, his search has just begun there. Then there follows extensive work in the laboratory, a sort of ars combinatoria that he undertakes with a technical mastery that does not exclude an appreciative generosity. He takes a vital interest in the works of his peers -- painters, sculptors, graffiti artists -- and immerses himself in them to reveal their essential components. When they come into play with their own images, they give us something that is beyond a fleeting discovery: a new work, a new possibility to behold and to choose.

Nothing human, with its unfathomable miseries and high beatitudes, seems to escape the watchful gaze, the genuine curiosity of Gaal Cohen. He is an artist who joyfully combines formal expertise and indispensable audacity.

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Jorge Esquinca


Gaal D. Cohen
Visual Storyteller

Born: Paris, France 1951
Nationalities: Canadian & French
Residence since 1994: Guadalajara, Mexico
1974-1976 · New York University: Certificate in "Film Making"

· January 2020: Testigos [Witnesses]
Museum of Art Raúl Anguiano · MURA (Guadalajara, México)

· May 2019: Piezas de Conversación Gastronómica
Galería 133 (Chapala, México)

· September 2018: Gaudí's Ghosts
Museum of Art Raúl Anguiano · MURA (Guadalajara, México)

· August 2018: Mundos paralelos [Parallel Worlds]
Museum Panteón de Belén (Guadalajara, México)

· April - May 2018: Homo Homini Lupus · Wars Why ?
Foro 17 (Guadalajara, México)

· October 2017: Mundos paralelos [Parallel Worlds]
Casa Z (Guadalajara, México)

· November 2016: Minerva, vista de otro punto de VISTA [Minerva, Viewed from Another Point of View]
Studio GDC (Guadalajara, México)

· November - December 2015: apictureadaykeepthedoctoraway
Espacio Arista 1640 (Guadalajara, México)

· September 2015: Simbiosis Migratoria
Colectivo (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)

· July - August 2015: 222 Pasos [222 Steps]
Instituto Cultural Cabañas · ICC (Guadalajara, México)

· February 2015: ¿Seré Charlie? [Am I Charlie ?}
14o aniversario de Mar Adentro A.C. en el ICC (Guadalajara, México)

· November 2013 – April 2014: Amen
Instituto Cultural Cabañas · ICC (Guadalajara, México)

· 2013: Mi Ciudad: GDL [My City GDL]
Museo Ex Convento del Carmen, 2da Bienal de Fotografía, Estudio 3.14 / Colectivo (Guadalajara, México)

· March – April 2013: Timeless
Diéresis Cultura Contemporánea (Guadalajara, México)

· 2012: Proyecto 21/21 Project
Fundación Hospicio Cabañas / Colectivo (Guadalajara, México)

· 2011: Fachadalajara
Museo de la Ciudad, Primera Bienal de Fotografía, Estudio 3.14 / Colectivo (Guadalajara, México)

· 2011: Paso Doble [Double Step]
Galería de Juristas, Legisladores Jaliscienses y Museo del Sitio (Guadalajara, México)

· October 2009: Graf&ti Eldone Gallery / El Colectivo 1939 (Barcelona, España / Guadalajara, México)

· 1982: Water Colors
Soho Gallery / Colectivo (New York City)

· 2011 Premio Armando Salas: Segunda Bienal de Fotografía Urbana, Estudio 3.14 (Guadalajara, México)

· 2018 Six artworks part of the cultural heritage of the Intitute Creceived by the Instituto Cultural Cabañas (Guadalajara, México)

Dentro y fuera · In & Out (2017)
Minerva, La restauración (2017)
222 Pasos (2016)
Amen (2014)
Timeless (2013)
Proyecto 21/21 (2012)
Rostros de Zapopan (2012)
Formación para la 3ra Edad, Teresa de Calcuta A.C. (2012)
Agendas Rendija (2007 - 2012)